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  • December 12, 2017
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    • The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters is working with the Missouri Department of Revenue to develop a NEW License Plate for Missouri Professional Firefighters.  Here is some general information and FAQ's about these new plates. 

      The application period for the Fire Act Grants will be opening soon, this will be for the FY2107 money. Here are some tentative dates (subject to change) for the 2017 AFG Grant Cycle:

      Application Periods:

      AFG: December 20, 2017 thru February 2, 2018

      FP&S: February 12, 2018 thru March 12, 2018

      SAFE Grants: Earliest open date end of March 2018; subject to appropriation versus reauthorization language - the application may change depending on which comes first.

      Peer Review:

      AFG: March 2018

      FP&S and SAFER: May 2018

      It takes many hours to prepare a grant application that has a good chance of success. The process is very competitive, and only about 25% of the applications even have a chance at success. It’s critical to start early before the application period opens. 


      There are three separate grants that make up the Fire Act Grants, Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG), Fire Prevention & Safety (FP&S), and Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER).  All three applications periods will be open separately, one after another with the AFG usually going first. The application period is usually between four and six weeks and may be extended should FEMA choose to do so. At least one of the grants will probably be open during the Christmas/New Years holiday season. Working on grant applications over the holiday season compounds time issues.

      The need for additional funding isn’t something that sneaks up on departments, many departments are dealing with funding deficits now, and they aren’t going to get better as we move into FY2018. Departments should be able to identify possible projects for purchasing and hiring. It’s important to our locals that these projects be brought forward now instead of waiting for the official announcement. 

      It is very important to have a grant strategy and to identify all requests before the first application period opens. No single grant will fund all of the requirements for a specific project. For example, to hire new fire fighters, SAFER provides the wages, AFG provides the physicals, PPE,  and training. It costs the department a lot more money to hire if they hadn’t thought to ask for the necessities to put that new employee to work from AFG. It also makes more sense when crafting and describing the need and the project. 


      Except for the FP&S grant, applications are controlled by the fire department and require the chief’s approval. While the union doesn’t play a direct role, we can make a huge difference by offing assistance identifying projects, and providing direct technical assistance. Many things we try to negotiate into contracts or add to operating guidelines can be paid for by grant money. Of course grant many can’t be used to pay for projects completed before the money is awarded, but it can pay for health and safety, health and wellness, equipment and training projects in addition to SAFER paying for hiring new fire fighters. It is important for our leaders to have a seat at the table when this money is talked about and decisions made. 

      We can also provide technical assistance in a variety of ways but time and funding are limited, all requests need to be forwarded to (mwoolbright@iaff.org) as soon as possible so that assistance can be as effective as possible. 


      Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG)

      This grant covers the bulk of the department’s needs. Money will be allocated for vehicles, equipment, training and health and wellness projects. Does your department offer a mental health/substance abuse program? If not, it can be funded by AFG. Need new turnouts or SCBA? AFG can fund it. Training? Again AFG can fund it. Training programs the IAFF offers can be funded from AFG awards, but the department has to plan and ask for the money. 

      Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER)

      Does your department meet NFPA 1710? Are you having to close or brown out a station? SAFER can fund projects to improve staffing and compliance with NFPA 1710.  There is now a match requirement for the department, but SAFER still represents a huge discount when adding staff. Some departments shy away from using SAFER money for hiring since the position would be dependent on grant money. The reality is that all of our jobs are dependent on some type of funding and when that funding source is jeopardized. I doubt any of us are losing a lot of sleep over funding problems. When they occur, we do our best to protect our members and the system. The same applies to employees hired through grant funds. They will be employed for the three years of the described in the award contract. At the end of that time, the department can find another resource, lay them off, or apply again, but that’s three years the department has improved staffing. 

      Fire Prevention & Safety (FP&S)

      Does your department investigate all fires? Does the department have a fire inspection program? What about safety programs for fire fighters and the public? All of those needs can be funded through this grant or AFG. This is the smallest and the most competitive of the three grants and the only one where a Local can directly apply.

      On Monday, March 6th Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) addressed the attendees at the International Association of Fire Fighters Legislative Conference.  Senator McCaskill is very supportive of continuing to fund Fire Grants, Cancer Presumptive Laws and Collective Barganing Rights for Hours, Wages and Working Conditions. 

      During our visit to the US Capitol on Tuesday, March 7th, Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters President Sherwood Smith and IAFF Local 42 Secretary-Treasurer Tim Dupin visite with Senator McCaskill to discuss the IAFF Legislative Agenda for 2017 and ask for her support on the key issues that we are striving to continue to have funded for SAFER Grants, the FIRE ACT and more.  For more on this please read the article that appeared in the Lee's Summit Tribune here.

      An article was featured on February 26th in the Kansas City Star highlighting the increase in cancer related deaths in Firefighters across North America.  Here in Missouri families are faced with fighting for workers' compensation benefits after their loved ones have died and the our government acknowledges are presumptively job related due to the exposure of carcinogens that firefighters are exposed to throughout their careers.  Read the entire article here.

      The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters would like to welcome our newest Affliate Local: Lake City, MO Fire Fighters.  Lake City Fire Fighters protect the individuals that work and reside at the Army Ammunition Production facility, located in Independence, MO. 

      What's New at MSCFF

      The Missouri State Council of Fire Fighters is proud to introduce our newest communication tool; the UnionActive™ Mobile Application for Android, iOS Smartphones and Tablets. 

      This new technology works in concert with our website.  All this is required to use the Mobile App is to be a registered user with the MSCFF website.  We will soon provide all registered members a link to download the Mobile App via Google Play or iTunes Store thru our website Email system.

      If you are not currently a registered member we would like to encourage you to visit our website and register.  Once you have been approved you will have complete access to the latest information regarding Fire Fighter Issues within Missouri right in the palm of your hand.  Please allow 24 to 48 hours to be approved once you have registered.  

      Once you download the Mobile App, you will log into the application with the same User Name and Password that you established to access the MSCFF website.  From that point forward each time you launch the Mobile App you are already logged in and can access the Members Only Section of the website via the Mobile App.

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      Current news directly from IAFF locals, councils, and state/province associations in the US and Canada.

      City Council Meeting
      12/11/17 - Newport News Firefighter's Association
      The Newport News Retirees Assn. has asked for our support tomorrow night, Tuesday, 12/12/17 at 7 pm as they go before City Council at their monthly council meeting to discuss the issue of healthcare costs for all retirees. This effort is being lead by retired Chief Pincus, and the more members who attend to show support the better the discussion will be received.
      Saint Paul Firefighters Mug
      12/11/17 - IAFF Local 21
        LIMITED EDITION DENEEN POTTERY MUG/ order yours online today! This holiday fundraiser will be supporting the St. Paul Fire Foundation – a foundation that supports the health, wellness and safety of every St. Paul Firefighter. Discounted Firefighter rate of $15 until December 22th Remaining mugs $20 until gone Guaranteed Mug, order online Go to www.
      Missoula Fire assisting in Southern California wildfire siege
      12/11/17 - IAFF Local 271
      Today is Day 4 of an assignment in Southern California for Montana crews from Missoula Fire Department. They are currently workign on a strike team of engines that includes Missoula Rural Fire District, Big Sky Fire District, Whitefish Fire Dept. and Central Valley Fire District.  Local 271 Member Matt Kerns was featured last night on NBC Nightly news, watch this.
      Portland Disaster Relief Fundraiser
      12/11/17 - IAFF Local 740
      12/11/17 - Cambridge Fire Fighters
      MDA/Lake Monster Brewery SPFF Holiday Party
      12/10/17 - IAFF Local 21
      Children's Hospital Blood Drive
      12/10/17 - IAFF Local 739
      Children's Hospital Blood Drive The Lynn Fire Department & Lynn Local 739 are hosting a Blood Drive for Boston Children's Hospital. This is a tough time of year for the blood banks due to holidays. The process takes about 20 minutes & each donation helps up to 4 children. The Bloodmobile will be at Lynn Fire Headquarters, 725 Western Ave on Thursday December 21st from 1-6pm.
      2017 Operation Warm
      12/10/17 - Arlington Fire Fighters
      Yesterday E105, T105, R109 and B111 went to Carlin Springs Elementary to hand out coats for kids. This is 4th year that we have partnered with Arlington County DHS. This partnership has allowed us to provide over 600 coats to kids in need. If you would like to donate please click on the link below.  https://www.operationwarm.
      Urgent Action Needed to Save FIRE and SAFER Grants
      12/09/17 - UPFFA
      Urgent Action Needed to Save FIRE and SAFER Grants Legislation (S. 829) to reauthorize the FIRE and SAFER grant programs passed the U.S. Senate months ago, but the U.S. House has failed to act, despite numerous opportunities. Unless the U.S. House of Representatives acts swiftly, the FIRE and SAFER grant programs will be abolished on January 2 -- in less than one month.
      Lt. Jeremy Savinsky Softball Tournament Benefit
      12/09/17 - IAFF 1826
      To all Local 1826 Members, Please see attachment containing information on this Benefit event.
      12/06/17 - Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters
      Get your tickets for the IAFF Local 244 Christmas Party!  We will celebrate Chirstmas and honor our members for Firefighter of the Year (City & County) and Outstanding Leadership on Saturday December 16, 2017 at Hyatt Regency Downtown Albuquerque. Tickets are $25.00 per person and can be purchased at the union hall Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.
      Captain Jim Robeson Memorial Benefit
      12/06/17 - Pennsylvania Professional Fire Fighters Association
      Brothers and Sisters:   The family of the late Captain Robeson is hosting a happy hour on the 10th anniversary of his LODD, January 6, 2018 from 2:00 – 6:00 PM at the Hilton Scranton. Proceeds from this event will benefit the PPFFA Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial. Tickets are $25.00 and include light fare and a cash bar.
      2018 KSCFF Conference Hotel info
      12/06/17 - Kansas State Council of Fire Fighters
      The PDF contains information about the 2018 conference hotel reservations.  More information will be sent out at a later time.
      Santa Breakfast
      12/06/17 - Newport News Firefighter's Association
      Breaking Union Meeting News
      12/06/17 - Denver Firefighters Local 858
      Newflash, the doors will open @ 5pm tonight for the December Christmas Union meeting/open house.  There will be plenty of holiday cheer, food, drinks, cigars, and you can still vote for District 2 and 5 VP's.
      December Union Meeting Reminder
      12/06/17 - Denver Firefighters Local 858
      This is a reminder that the December Union meeting will take place this week at our new location: The Colorado Professional Fire Fighter Center (12 Lakeside Lane, Denver CO 80212) on Wednesday, December 6th at 7:00 pm and Thursday, December 7th at 8:30 am. A few things to be aware of:   1.)   Regular Business will be suspended for the Christmas Party.
      Local 244 City Chapter Transition Team Update
      12/06/17 - Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters
      The transition team is getting ready to finalize the Transition Team Report. Please be aware that the dealine to submit an email to transitionteam244@gmail.com is 12/7/17 at 0900. Thank you.
      100th Anniversary Halifax Explosion
      12/05/17 - Boston Fire Fighters
      Boston Firefighters Local President Richard Paris, IAFF GST Edward Kelly, Boston Fire Commisioner Joe Finn, Mayor of Halifax Mike Savage, IAFF 3rd DVP Jay Colbert and members of Halifax Fire Department are in Halifax Canada for the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. https://globalnews.ca/news/3901178/halifax-fire-explosion/
      Livonia firefighters battle house fire, assist with business fire in Northville Township
      12/05/17 - IAFF Local 1164
      Children leap out window to safety during Livonia house fire
      12/05/17 - IAFF Local 1164
      LIVONIA, Mich. (WXYZ) - A raging house fire in Livonia left one family no choice but to escape out of a window.  Firefighters were called out to the 18000 block of Lathers around 3 a.m. and saw a house completely engulfed in flames.
      December 5, 2017: UPFFA Delegates Meeting
      12/05/17 - UPFFA
      Frontline News Alert - Urgent Action Needed to Save FIRE and SAFER Grants
      12/05/17 - Suncoast Firefighters
      Legislation (S. 829) to reauthorize the FIRE and SAFER grant programs passed the U.S. Senate months ago, but the U.S. House has failed to act, despite numerous opportunities. Unless the U.S. House of Representatives acts swiftly, the FIRE and SAFER grant programs will be abolished on January 2 -- in less than one month. It is critical that these essential programs are reauthorized NOW.
      Proposed 2018 Budget
      12/05/17 - Kent Fire Fighters
      Proposed 2018 Conference Worksheet
      12/05/17 - Kent Fire Fighters
      House catches fire near 8 Mile, Gill roads in Livonia
      12/05/17 - IAFF Local 1164
      LIVONIA, Mich. - A house caught fire Wednesday on Pollyanna near Southampton Drive in Livonia.  Firefighters responded to the flames, which appeared to engulf the home's attached garage.  Livonia Fire Department Chief Shadd Whitehead said the homeowner was alone when the fire started. His department got the call about 12:03 p.m.
      12/04/17 - Cambridge Fire Fighters
      Toys for Tots
      12/04/17 - IAFF Local 739
      Toys for Tots As a reminder, our annual Marine Corps Toys for Tots program is underway. Please spread the word that we are accepting new, unwrapped gifts at all firehouses. Any questions please contact Paul Tucker, E3/D2.
      Clearance & Sale Items in the Local 1784 Gift Shop
      12/04/17 - Memphis Fire Fighters Association
      Clearance and Sale Items in the Local 1784 Gift Shop.
      Local 2929 Request
      12/04/17 - Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma
      20th UPFFA Biennial Post Convention Survey/Evaluation
      12/03/17 - UPFFA
      2017 TOY DRIVE DEC. 6TH
      12/03/17 - New London Fire Fighters
                       The NLFD and NLPD will be having their annual Toy Drive on December 6th from 5 PM to 9 PM at the Toys R Us in Waterford (5 Dayton Rd). Stop by to donate a toy and help make a kid's Christmas a little brighter this year. FF Joe Nott will be on hand again this year to volunteer.
      Shift Calendar 2018
      12/01/17 - IAFF Local 740
      Operation Warm 2017
      12/01/17 - IAFF Local 3666
      On Thursday, November 30, 2017, The Career Firefighters Association of Frederick County Maryland, I.A.F.F. Local 3666, deliverd 125 American-made coats to local area Frederick County public schools and daycare centers.
      150th Anniversary KCFD Badges
      12/01/17 - IAFF Local 42
      Sisters and Brothers: March 14, 2018 is the official 150th Anniversary of KCFD. The Kansas City Fire Historical Society is proud to present our 150th Anniversary Badge.
      December 4th, Union Meeting
      12/01/17 - IAFF Local 740
      Firefighter Of The Year Awards
      11/30/17 - IAFF local 2464
      (L to R: Fire Marshal Peter Ostroskey, FF Chris Shea, Lt. David Emswiler, FF Tom Morandi, & FF Donovan Minutolo) Walpole Firefighters were recognized at the 28th Annual Firefighter Of The Year Awards for their response to a plane crash in Westwood along with Westwood FD, Canton FD, Dedham FD, & Norwood FD.
      Local 2464 Meeting
      11/30/17 - IAFF local 2464
      The next meeting for Local 2464 is scheduled for Tuesday, December 19th (Group 2) at 1930.
      Candidate Byrne Statement
      11/30/17 - Burbank Firefighters Local #778
      Brothers and Sisters,            First I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve for the past 4 years as one of your Local 778 Directors. The last few years have seen many changes within our local and our department. Many of these changes, I think you would agree, to the betterment of our membership.
      Christmas Party
      11/29/17 - IAFF Somerville Fire Local 76
      November 15, 2017: Waterbury Fire Fighters, Local 1339 check presentation to the IAFF Disaster Relief Fund
      11/29/17 - UPFFA
      November 15, 2017: Waterbury Fire Fighters, Local 1339 check presentation to the IAFF Disaster Relief Fund - $12,250.00  [L to R]: Peter S.
      PFFO New Political Director
      11/29/17 - Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma
      November 29, 2017 Brothers and Sisters, Our commitment to improving the local and statewide political relevance and strength of Oklahoma fire fighters continues. This means we are working to ensure that we are at the table when the political decisions are made that affect our wages, benefits, and working conditions, and the security of citizens and firefighter families.
      PFFO New Political Director
      11/29/17 - Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma
      November 29, 2017 Brothers and Sisters, Our commitment to improving the local and statewide political relevance and strength of Oklahoma fire fighters continues. This means we are working to ensure that we are at the table when the political decisions are made that affect our wages, benefits, and working conditions, and the security of citizens and firefighter families.
      Children's Santa Breakfast
      11/29/17 - Newport News Firefighter's Association
      This year's Children's Breakfast with Santa will be on Saturday, Dec 16th beginning at 9 am at Angelos Restaurant on J. Clyde Morris Blvd. Please RSVP here if you plan to attend.
      Reflections from the 2017 20th UPFFA Biennial Convention
      11/29/17 - UPFFA
      Reflections from the: 2017 20th UPFFA Biennial Convention Foxwoods Resorts & Casino November 13-15, 2017 This year’s convention we had 100 registered delegates, which featured a number of guests: Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, General President Harold Schaitberger, General Secretary Treasurer Ed Kelly, [Videos from - U. S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, U. S.
      November 17, 2017: Ridgefield Professional Fire Fighters 50th Anniversary
      11/29/17 - UPFFA
      [L to R]: Peter S.
      Online Proximity Gear Vote
      11/29/17 - IAFF Local F-102
      All Hands,    A Membership vote is underway to consider the continued use of ARFF Proximity Gear for the Department. Take the time to exercise your right to have your voice/vote counted.
      Local 244 City Chapter Transition Team Update
      11/28/17 - Albuquerque Area Fire Fighters
      Brothers and Sisters, it's been an honor to sit with the rest of the team during our 2017 AFD/IAFF Transition Team meetings. Thank you to those that have taken the time to share your thoughts with us. We are still seeking input to help identify and organize our collective priorities before working with our new administration.
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